First off, let me welcome you to Blade Brothers - an interactive Assassin's Creed role play Site - where you can become an assassin, create/join member-led Assassin Orders, role play, chat, and have fun.

Blade Brothers is an interactive site that allows members to live the life of an assassin during Edward Kenway's time. James Kidd has started his own Assassin's Order and welcomes anyone who feels that they have what it takes to join.

We are a PG13 site. This means:

Language - 3 (Swearing and mature language is permitted without limit.)
Sexual Encounters - 1 (Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. No explicit representations or references to genitalia or sex acts. [If you really wish to have a more explicit role play, please PM a staff member and they will set up a password protected forum for you.])
Violence - 2 (Graphic violence is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration of violence is allowed.)

Blade Brothers takes place during Edward Kenway's storyline, hence the reason James Kidd is involved. Your characters, however, can be from anywhere you want them to be.

Please read the Rules/Guidelines
before registering.


James Kidd
Head Assassin


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